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The 10 Commandments of Million Dollar Pricing

If you’ve ever wished you could charge higher fees but just didn’t know how, this article could change everything for you. Let’s do a quick exercise…   How much do you think a car like this should cost? Put a specific number in your mind.   Got it?   Rumor

Beyond Banking While Black

Like many, I was completely outraged by the treatment of famed movie Director, Ryan Coogler when he attempted to make a somewhat significant cash withdrawal from his own Bank of America account.   Ryan’s situation crossed my mind the other day during an experience at my bank while conducting a similar transaction

Rebuilding Black Wall Streets

As we reflect on the 100th commemoration of the Tulsa Massacre, we must remember that this travesty was far from the only one of its kind. Black Wall Streets at one time peppered this nation. And what wasn’t destroyed by murderous mob violence was ended by public policy which routinely stripped land from Black