Exhibits A, B, and C on Why Your Marketing Can’t Rely Exclusively on Social Media

Unless you were on another PLANET, I’m sure you know by now that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all went down this week.

According to Bloomberg Wealth, Mark Zuckerberg lost $6 billion during the hours those apps were down.


That’s a lot of MONEY!


But let’s get real, Zuckerberg still has a net worth that’s over $100 billion, so he can afford to lose a billion or two.

My question to you is, how much money can your business afford to lose?


I would venture to say a lot less 😉


That’s why I’m so passionate about making sure entrepreneurs don’t put all their marketing focus in the social media basket.


Not only do you have ZERO ability to get in front of your potential clients when the next crash comes.


But on a daily bases, you have ZERO control of the algorithm that impacts how many people organically sees what you share every single day.


And even among those who do see it, they’re also seeing tons of competitors at the same time.


The beauty of media is that you are elevated from the rest–literally and figuratively. You have the exclusive attention of the viewer when you’re making your appearance, and you’re simultaneously elevated as a leader in your space by the mere fact that you’re there, and they’re not.


So if you’re looking to take your marketing eggs out of one basket, know that the traditional media space is always looking for experts like you to share your journey, your perspective, and your expertise to an audience of millions.




No Mark Zuckerberg needed 😉


Dr. Avis is a Media Monetization Mentor and the CEO of Media to Millions. Her company helps entrepreneurs make six and seven-figure leaps in their businesses by strategically leveraging the power of the media in order to consistently drive more leads to their businesses and more bank to their bottom line. Sign up now for the last Perfect Media Pitch Masterclass of the year at perfectmediapitch.com.