Business and career growth strategy for the next generation of Black millionaires.


MORE than “just enough” $ to survive.
MORE overflow in business and life.
MORE opportunity to create intergenerational
WEALTH while creating a freedom-based lifestyle.

For far too long, black women have worked too hard and received too little.
Not only are we making $.58 on the dollar as compared to men in the workplace, we are making $.76 on the dollar as compared to white women in the workplace.
And, as if that’s not bad enough…

Despite being MORE likely to start a business than any other group of men or women in America, Black women still aren’t being paid what we’re worth!
The average Black woman–owned business earns only $24k per YEAR.

Enough is enough.

It’s time to radically transform the world and reality in which Black women operate.
It’s time to take control of the future.

It’s time to raise up the next generation of Black women who make 7, 8, even 9 figures per year, with EASE, intentionality, and excellence.

It’s time to normalize Black abundance.


create solutions that are

and badass

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Award-Winning Author . Media Commentator . Global Speaker . Professional Disruptor . 7-Figure CEO

Ensuring that Black abundance is the new norm for every brave soul willing to obliterate the box society has tried to religate you to and instead create a future with no limits.

After years of producing research for Washington DC’s leading political think tanks, she became frustrated with seeing the same statistics year after year after year. Stats that showed that while black women work harder than all other women in America, they consistently make far less than nearly everyone else.
Dr. Avis is committed to changing that.

She’s an award–winning author, global speaker and 7–Figure CEO.

As a leading expert on helping black women break through the barriers to their own success, Dr. Avis has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, BET, NPR, FoxNews, BBC and hundreds of other media outlets. She’s also been featured in The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Glamour, Ebony, and USA Today. Additionally, she’s served as the Keynote Speaker to President Obama's President of the United States' Young African Leader's Summit and has shared her perspectives on creating economic justice across race and gender before the World Bank.

Dr. Avis has tackled universal institutional challenges faced by Black women at work, in business, and in life and has lived as a real life example of what’s possible for Black women. She’s coached hundreds of women towards barrier-breaking success, and is committed to helping thousands more.

Weekly content designed to help you lead an exceptional life while breaking every barrier standing in the way of your success.

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