It’s Time to Break Free

You know, around this time every year, I start thinking about what it really means to be free.


In my estimation, boiled down to it’s most essential element, Freedom = Choices.  It’s the ability to live the life you want to live. And the joy of having the space and the latitude in your daily existence to be true to the very essence of you.  


Freedom, is life without limits.

How ironic, that in a nation which boasts to the world how good we are at being “free,” most of us live lives that are completely counter to that notion.


To the outside observer, we appear to have the benefit of liberation. We’re not artificially confined to any specific space or geographic location. And for the most part, we’re not “technically” limited in what we choose to do with the 24 hours each of us are given each day.


Yet, who among us can truly say, that we spend our days engaged in actions that are consistent with our deepest gifts, our highest calling, or our truest passion?  


Who among us can say, that all those hours we spend away from our families on a daily basis, all those years we invested in getting all those degrees, actually resulted in the life that we would have chosen if we were to do it all again?


If by chance, you are not living the life that you know, in your heart of hearts is consistent with your deepest desires and dreams, then in my estimation…


You are a slave to something.


It may be bills.


It may be other people’s expectations.


It may be a self-imposed prison erected because of the fear of what others might think if you were to actually engage in that silly little dream that’s been lying dormant in your heart for years.


If, by chance, you find yourself living a life that’s anything less than what you know in heart you’re placed on this earth to do and to be…


Then let me tell you in no uncertain terms,


“It’s time to break free.”


At the very least…


Love yourself enough to try.

Questions for Self-Reflection: What would freedom look like for me? Who or what am I prioritizing over my dreams? What is the world foregoing because I made the conscious choice to suppress my aspirations?